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Ceramic Origin Candle by Jeongyeon K. Lim
Cradled in a limited-edition handmade vessel


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About This Item
We partnered with New York ceramicist Jeongyeon K. Lim to envelop our Origin Candle in handmade beauty that’s meant to last long after the candle has burned down. Using a traditional Korean dipping technique, Lim gently holds the base of the cup, soaking it upside down in clay slip to evenly coat it throughout. After the cup emerges from the slip, the mark of the maker’s hand remains, for a result that’s one of a kind.

The grounding nature of the handmade ceramic brings a warmth and comfort that is heightened by the contrast of the fresh, uplifting candle scent. The aroma from Brooklyn-based fragrance studio Cavern New York captures the feeling of exploring a coffee farm at daybreak, with hints of coffee blossom, dewy leaves, and fresh moss delivering you to the highlands of Guatemala or the mountains of Colombia.

Welcoming the new day while grounding you in the present, our Origin Candle can and should be burned at any time of day, especially when there’s coffee in hand. And after you’ve enjoyed your candle down to the stub, repurpose your ceramic vessel as a cup for your morning coffee.
Soy/vegetable wax candle in 6 oz ceramic vessel
3.5” W x 3.5” H
50 hour burn time
Made in New York

How to Clean Out and Reuse Your Ceramic Vessel To remove the remaining wax from your candle, place your candle into the freezer until the remaining wax hardens, then carefully chip out and throw away the wax using a spoon. Be sure to remove the wick holder as well. Use a cloth to wipe the inside of the jar clean, then hand wash with dish soap, rinse with hot water, and dry.

Enjoy your favorite coffee or tea in your newly repurposed vessel, and hand wash only between uses.
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