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The Art of the Blue Bottle Cold Brew
Our guide for making cold brew at home


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About This Item
Pristine, luminous, reflective—cold-brew coffee earns adjectives that ordinary coffee can’t. That’s why we’re as obsessive about cold brew as we are about our pour overs, espresso drinks, and coffee sourcing. After spending more than a decade honing our methods to create the most luminous and incandescent cold brew on the market, we’re ready to share them with you so you can try them at home.

This guide teaches you brew theory as well as four different methods for making cold brew. We start with the simple and fail-safe yet delicious full-immersion method using our Hario Cold Brew Bottle. For those who want to explore further, we offer progressively more challenging approaches, from a more intense cold-brew concentrate, the base for our New Orleans-Style Iced Coffee, to the artful, almost boozy refinements of Oji, aka Kyoto-style slow drip.
72 pages 5 by 7 inches

Table of Contents A Brief History of Blue Bottle Cold Brew

Basic Method
1. Tools
2. Steps
3. Tasting Guide

Barista Methods
1. Brew Theory
2. NOLA Concentrate
3. Hot-over-Ice
4. Oji

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