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Most Popular

Single Origin Assortment

For those who want to travel the world through coffee, our team sources high-quality coffees from innovative producers and roasts them with a light hand to showcase their natural fruitiness. We change our single origin offering every two weeks.

Subscription starts at $15 (includes shipping)


Blend Assortment

For fans of comforting coffee flavors, we create our blends by bringing together two or three organic coffees for their harmonious relationship in the cup. We then roast them a little darker to bring out their natural sweetness. We rotate our offering each week among our five popular blends.

Subscription starts at $13 (includes shipping)


Espresso Assortment

For the home barista who loves to craft a morning cappuccino or pull an afternoon shot, we offer blends and single origins specifically for this brewing method. We rotate our offerings among our four espresso blends and a single origin of our choice.

Subscription starts at $13 (includes shipping)


New Orleans Iced Kit

Our New Orleans-Style coffee and toasted ground chicory are the ingredients that make our NOLAs so special. Slow-steeping yields a rich concentrate, to which you add sweetener and milk. Each 12-ounce bag makes enough concentrate for 8 servings.

Subscription starts at $21 (includes shipping)

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Cold Brew Assortment

Cold brew connoisseurs know the secret: it couldn’t be easier. Coffee, water, and time are all you need to brew this sparkling refreshment. Enjoy this rotation of three distinct flavor profiles ideal for cold brewing, selected by our experts. Delivered whole bean straight to your door, so you can make super fresh, delightful cold brew in the comfort of your kitchen.

Subscription starts at $13 (includes shipping)


Bella Donovan

Raspberry, chocolate, molasses

Subscription starts at $13 (includes shipping)


Beta Blend

Chocolate, candied orange, peach

Subscription starts at $13 (includes shipping)


Giant Steps

Cocoa, toasted marshmallow, graham cracker

Subscription starts at $13 (includes shipping)


Three Africas

Golden raisin, winey blueberry, lemon zest

Subscription starts at $13 (includes shipping)


17ft Ceiling Espresso

Robust, layered, buttery

Subscription starts at $13 (includes shipping)


Hayes Valley Espresso

Cocoa, orange zest, smoky finish.

Subscription starts at $13 (includes shipping)


Opascope Espresso

Fig, honey, floral, lime

Subscription starts at $13.50 (includes shipping)


Night Light Decaf

Creamy, malt, versatile

Subscription starts at $13.50 (includes shipping)

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